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What I had in Preparation.During Hurricane Sandy!

Without Electric for Two Weeks!

October 29, 2012
The Night Hurricane Sandy Hit New York City. October 29, 2012, started ominously in New York City. President Obama had issued an emergency declaration for the state of New York late the night before.

Oct 28, 2013 (Update: Video Below 1-22/16)

Hurricane Sandy hit us on the East Coast like something you only see in movies. On Staten Island, people are still picking up the pieces of their shattered lives. Some people were able to rebuild while others could do nothing but wait for emergency help which didn't come as fast as they thought it would. Scattered pieces of people's lives were strewn far and wide. All they could do was evacuate but, it came on so quick that over two hundred people died! Many other people were not prepared with a go bag. Many people have no idea what a go bag is?

After Superstorm Sandy struck people were in shock! All they could do was to stand with tears in their eyes as their homes and lives were being demolished along with their hearts.

In hindsight luckily for me the woman who owned the house on Yetman Ave. had to sell it as she was elderly. So we bought a bungalow in New Dorp Beach on Cedargrove and Maple terrace. After ten years of do-it-yourself renovation's, we sold it.
Then this happened.
I knew one day something would happen like it did on Yetman Ave. sooner than later. The house on Yetman got seven feet of water during Sandy. I had warned the people who bought it not to put down wood floors and told them what happened during hurricane Floyd. It was so sad to see what happened to them on Yetman after Sandy struck. The couple that bought the newly renovated house were newlyweds and had their first child there. After Sandy hit I stopped by to find the woman holding her head in her hands while trying to sell some things. I bought a set of dishes from her. She was sorry she moved there! I told her hindsight is twenty-twenty.

On Cedargrove, there was an old Deli that had pictures of people in rowboats tacked up on a corkboard. I asked, when was this? They said from a hurricane in 1967. So I knew it was only a matter of time that this would happen again.

We started planning yet another move. We put the now beautifully renovated bungalow up for sale. It sold in two months!
This is what it looked like afterward!

We then found an apartment in Tottenville. The southern-most part of the island.It was on a slight hill, on the second floor of a nice four family house. We moved in and then Sandy hit. We had no electric for over two weeks! However, we were prepared.

Mold proves to be one of the biggest health problems that I know of. So cover up your mouths and noses with hermetically sealed masks, not the cheap ones, when renovating. I know some people who are having breathing problems, one of them is an MD himself who came down with pneumonia. Some people are school smart but, have no common sense.

As the weather gets damp in autumn mold grows like wildfire. You cannot kill the roots of a mold with bleach! Paint doesn't prevent the roots from bleeding through unless you use Mold Killer sold in major stores or even online.

After we moved to an apt.Sandy hit! We did lose electric for weeks. A tree branch broke off and fell onto my neighbors work van which was parked right under the rotted tree limb shattering his windshield. For that reason, we had no electric for two weeks in Tottenville while other towns like Eltingville were fine.

Commercial zones are on a different grid than residential homes. The man who owns the Deli told me that so now I tell you. That's how I was able to charge my Cell phone. He said I could use it again when I asked him? That's when he told me about the separate line for commercial zones. Good to know!

You never know what will happen next so being prepared is major. Start buying stuff now! If you have a Costco Card that is great.

Here is a list.

Plenty of water if it's clean or, get the Berkey Water Filtration System Below.
Get lotion to wash your body with so you won't have to use too much water to rinse off.
Dry shampoo.
Get the juice in the Goya section where they are sealed in cartons like
Dry milk
Coffee Creamer
Instant Coffee
First-aid kit
Transistor radio's
I had a crank radio my son had bought me as a gift
and it still works, with batteries that
I only needed to change once!It has a flashlight, an emergency red flashing lights
case you are in a car, AM, FM, and weather stations.
I would suggest a CB or, police scanner.
I have a small Solar panel keychain and it does work for a quick charge.

They sell all of these on Amazon!

Baking soda and Vinegar have many medicinal properties and is also used for cleaning.
You can make a toothpaste from baking soda and a capful of Peroxide.
Bleach for disinfectant, and water purification. Please do a search on the correct way to do this.
Batteries of all different sizes.
Get a small flashlight also to put on your keychain. That came in very handy for me during Sandy.
Basic camping gear like sleeping bags, survival knives. etc.
Plenty of canned food.
Beef jerky will stave off hunger. It stays in your fat cells for a long time.
Medications Next time you go to the doctor ask for a prescription of Cipro and keep it in your first-aid kit.
Fire extinguisher Never throw water on a stove fire. You can use baking soda to put it out or, spray it with a mist by putting water in your mouth and spraying it out. I used that technique when my father put his stovetop on fire, it worked immediately.

They do sell solar-powered gadgets for your cell phone.
I already asked my town's Deli owner if I could charge my cell phone in his store again. He said yes.
Keep a full tank of gas in your car.
You can do a search for other things to get if the grid goes down.

I used some of these products when the electric went out.

Mylar blankets to keep warm.

Century 14,000 BTU Heater/Cooker
Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Radiant Heater
by Mr. Heater

The MH9B little buddy is a 4,000-9,000-BTU portable, indoor safe radiant heater. A single 4,000 heat setting delivers sufficient radiant heat for a space up to 200-square-feet. See item F232025).

Single Burner Easy to assemble.
Folds To 1-1/2" Thick For Easy Storage
Aluminum Panels Reflect Heat Back Under The Cooking Vessel and there are more pictures and reviews on the site.

It snaps together easily and it has a small grill on top.

A case of Sterno's
This Patented Smart can label tells you when the can is too hot to touch.

Each can burn's for up to 2-hours.

Sterno brand cooking fuel is non-toxic, biodegradable and water soluble.
The steel can is made from recycled metal.

Sterno brand cooking fuel is made in the USA!

Get your Berkey Water Filter here!

Survival Kits!


11 tips for cooking during an inevitable power outage. Pamala Silvestri linked this blog to the Staten Island Advance.

New! Make Your Own Solar Power Plant!

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